The Hemp Chronicles is a blog primarily focused on educating individuals about the various benefits of cannabis use, which includes both hemp and marijuana. THC, or The Hemp Chronicles, aims to dismantle the negative stigma that accompanies the use of cannabis, and cast it in brighter light. Not only are the stereotypes that accompany cannabis users unfair, but many of them are simply not true. The Hemp Chronicles is here to tell the truth about the use of cannabis, and exemplify that when used correctly, it is a life changing plant. Cannabis is not just used to get high, yet can be an integral component of the economy, health discovery, and environmental conservation.

Meet The Author:

My name is Nathan Moore and I am currently a senior marketing major at Howard University, THE REAL HU. Though I currently attend school in Washington D.C, located on the east coast, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in Los Angeles, The City of Angels, I was exposed to cannabis use at a young age. While cannabis use has only been legalized in California since November 2016, the city has had a culture of its use for much longer. Many of those I have grown up with use cannabis in their daily lives, yet continue to function at high levels of productivity like myself.